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Eu·ro·pe·an Leaning Desk

Eu·ro·pe·an Leaning Desk


The inspiration for our latest leaning desk design, Eu·ro·pe·an Farm·house, combines the coziness and homegrown feel of the classic American Farmhouse with the old-world charm of Europe. 


The new European Farmhouse Design intergrates seamlessly into your exiting decor making it the perfect addition to any space. 


Ready within 14 business days.

*Pick-Up dates may be longer due to delays with lumber.


Decor accessories pictured not included.

  • Details & Dimensions

    Item Dimensions: 

    24" Desk: W: 25.5"; D: 20"; H 78"

    30" Desk: W: 31.5"; D: 20"; H: 78"

    36" Desk: W: 37.5"; D: 20"; H: 78"


    Height from the floor to the bottom of the desk is 29.75"

    Height from the floor to the top of the desk is 30.5" 

    24" Spacing between the top of the desk and the 1st shelf

    12" Spacing between the 1st and 2nd shelf

    Material: Solid Pine/Aspen Plywood

    Colour: Brown/Cream

    Care Instructions: Clean with a dry cloth. 

    Country of Origin: Canada

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the desk is fully usable, the paint takes a 30 days to fully cure. Please refrain from writing directly on the desk during the 30 days of use.

  • Safety

    Although SMART Custom Design desks can stand securely on their own, we highly recommend using the L-Bracket provided at purchase to secure the desk to the wall. The additional L-Bracket will prevent any inadvertent tipping that may result in injury.

    Holes in the wall are actually quite simple to fix – there’s no reason to risk you or your family's safety. Just fill the holes with putty when you want to move your desk, or are moving to another home.

  • Assembly

    No assembly required.

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